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AURUS & CWT user profiles

As an employee, you will most likely need to create AURUS and CWT profiles.

AURUS is the travel and expense claim system whereas CWT is short for Carlos Wagonlit Travel, the travel agency used by the Aarhus University. To create a user profile, you will have to download and fill in the following form (if the form does not open, please try to right-click and "download linked file").


In the form, the "Place of Work" section should be filled out with:

Main Area: ST

Place code: 3402

Institute/Center...: iNANO


When you have filled out the form, please send it directly to


More information about how to use AURUS and CWT is available below.

Travel Booking (CWT)


Booking, guidelines, ect.

If an accident occurs

External guidelines & apps

The following links to guidelines and apps can be useful on your trip. They are not developed by AU, and AU does not provide support for these.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

A reference to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website - Travel and residence

Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding travel and residence in countries outside Denmark, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Citizen Service.


At Carlson Wagonlit website, there is a description of their app CWT To Go. The app can be downloaded for a number of smartphones and tablet computers. The traveller can through this app find information on their journey, whether there are any delays, a description of the destination - and much more.

EU Passenger rights

Have you experienced delays and cancellations? Do you have special mobility needs? As an air, rail, ship or bus passenger, you have rights when travelling in the EU.

The European Commission's Passenger rights.


Reimbursement, guidelines, ect.

Settlements deadlines 2018

Deadlines for travel expense settlements/advances and expense settlements concerning 2018.

Travel and expense claim

Aarhus University uses the travel and expense claim systemet RejsUd for reimbursement.

If you have lost a travel or expense voucher, you must use the statement of truth form as documentation for the expense. You'll find the form under "Forms for travel and expense claim".

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