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The iNANO building has an easy-to-use Nespresso Coffee machine available for everyone,

For payment we can offer two options:  

  • To pay via AU webshop or mobile pay +45 23827501  with a price of DKK 5 per cup
  • or if you are willing to pay by internal transaction, (the money should be paid from your project) at a price of 3,5 kr write to iNANO helpers for more information

(The price difference is due to taxes and webshop fees.)

The machine works with a card/Keychain which is easy to use and charge. You can receive a card/Keychain and recharge it at the student helpers office, 1590-218

We strongly encourage  everybody to meet up for a coffee break in the mornings between 9:30-10:30. The idea is that people show up when they have the time and  they may use it as an excuse to meet with a colleague and discuss their ongoing or a new collaboration, or maybe catch up with the administration and ask for assistance.



9432 / i35