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EUDP: Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme

2018.03.02 | Yvonne Eskildsen-Helmond


EUDP application deadline is March 2, 2018

The Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP) is a public grant scheme.

The scheme supports new technology in the energy field, which can help meet Denmark's energy and climate goals.

The Energy Technological Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP) will help create growth and jobs, increase security of supply and make Denmark independent of fossil fuels. It is a public subsidy scheme that supports new energy technology that can contribute to achieving the Danish targets for energy and climate.

In addition, EUDP finances Danish participation in international cooperation and knowledge sharing on energy technology.

The EUDP grant in 2018 is approx. 400 million and includes:

*380 million DKK for the general purpose of the EUDP. The first round has a deadline of 2 March 2018 at. 15. The second round is expected to have deadline 14 September 2018

*8.0 million. DKK to the EUDP special fund relating to energy efficient transport with application deadline 29 March 2017

*9.8 million. DKK to the EUDP special fund for research into and experiments with more environmentally friendly and energy efficient production of oil and gas 

See the call here ( in Danish only)

Funding opportunities
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