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Lundbeck Foundation Thematic Call

2018.04.19 | Yvonne Eskildsen-Helmond

Lundbeckfonden, Thematic call

How do we best advance personalised medicin for Brain Disease?

Deadline 19.04.2018

The Lundbeck Foundation has a special focus on the brain. This means that the brain is the target of a considerable proportion of our Grant activities and, for this reason, this year’s two thematic calls for research proposals focus specifically on brain disease.

How do we best advance personalised medicine for brain diseases?
Some patients with brain diseases benefit greatly from their treatment; in others it does not work as intended. A better understanding of the underlying mechanisms will enable both more precise diagnoses and more effective treatment.

With this thematic call for proposals, the Lundbeck Foundation is therefore inviting all scientists who focus on personalised medicine to apply for funding for projects that will help us understand how research on personalised medicine may improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain and nervous system.

We encourage applicants to take an interdisciplinary approach and to submit projects involving collaboration of research teams across disciplinary and national boundaries to answer the scientific questions.

This call for proposals is divided into two categories:

• Thematic projects up to DKK 10 million
• Thematic alliances for up to between DKK 30 and 50 million

Projects must not last longer than five years.

Please read the call.

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