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The Innovation Fund Denmark, Innoexplorer

2019.08.30 | Yvonne Eskildsen-Helmond



Are you employed at a public research and educational institution or hospital and have a research result with commercial or societal potential, which require further clarification or maturation before it can reach the market?

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With the InnoExplorer programme are the Innovation Fund Denmark aiming to strengthen entrepreneurship based on knowledge- and research results from public research and educational institutions and hospitals that have a commercial potential, so they can get closer to the market.

Investments on up to 1,5 mio.

Innovation Fund Denmark invest in projects from 500.000 DKK to 1,5 mio DKK. Projects can last up to 12 months.

The projects can for example include the following activities:

  • Validation of research results
  • Identification of potential applications and commercial potential
  • Test of prototypes
  • Establiment of teams and partnerships for further business development
  • Commercialisation of the results and completion of market surveys

The investment cover expenses for the employees’ wages, use of the institution’s resources and other expenses.

The investment is disbursed to the institution that employs the researcher. A precondition for applying an InnoExplorer grant is therefore, that the institution has been involved in the application process and finds, that the project and the given knowledge or results are of high quality and holds great potential. 

There are appointed contact persons at each institution, whom applicants can contact in order to involve the institution as early in the application process as possible.


The deadline: 30.08.2019

Funding opportunities
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