Jeppe Vang Lauritsen receives the Berzelius Award. (Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo)

2021.01.28 | iNano

Jeppe V. Lauritsen receives award by Nordic Catalysis Society

Congratulations to iNANO researcher Jeppe Vang Lauritsen who have been awarded the Berzelius Prize for his research. Lauritsen will give an online award lecture on Wednesday Feb 3rd at 11.00-12.00.

Frans Mulder and his consortium, BOUNDLESS, has received DKK 14.4m from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Besides Frans Mulder, the consortium consists of Lene N. Nejsum, and Magnus Kjærgaard from Aarhus University as well as Siewert Jan Marrink from University of Groningen (NL). (Photos: private)

2021.01.15 | iNano

New interdisciplinary consortium at AU will study membrane-less organelles

Associate Professor Frans Mulder is heading a new consortium, BOUNDLESS, funded by the Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme of the Novo Nordisk Foundation. With the grant the consortium will study how membrane-less organelles control key biological processes.

Illustration: Forskningens Døgn

2021.01.15 | iNano

Help iNANO spread awareness of nanoscience: Sign up for “Book a scientist”

The student intake on the Nanoscience education has dropped and one of the ways to change this, is to spread awareness of nanoscience. As scientists at iNANO or associated with iNANO you are great ambassadors of this exciting scientific field, and you are therefore highly encouraged to consider signing up for “Book a Scientist”.

Henrik Birkedal interviewed to Politiken on mussel inspired leather adhesives. (Photo: Lise Balslev, AU Photo)

2021.01.06 | iNano

Mussels inspire new, green glue

Henrik Birkedal was interviewed to Danish national newspaper Politiken on his groups involvement in the development of mussel inspired leather adhesives, which occurs in a MUDP project funded by the Ministry of Environment of Denmark. (in Danish)