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Associate professor Henrik Birkedal

2016.03.09 | Research news

Novo Nordisk Grant for Henrik Birkedal

  Henrik Birkedal has received a grant of 1 million DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for the project “Osteoarthritis: new clues to an enigma from sub-micron resolution X-ray imaging techniques”.

Mie Birkbak

2016.03.09 | Awards

Poster Prize for Mie E. Birkbak

  PhD student Mie Birkbak from the group of Henrik Birkedal won the 2nd prize for her poster “Element Distribution in Bone Mapped in 3D by sub 100 nm Fluorescence Tomography” at the Euro Bio-inspired 2016 conference, 22-25 February, 2016 in Postdam, Germany.

Bjarke Svane Boysen

2016.03.09 | Awards

Poster Prize to Bjarke Svane Boysen

  Nanoscience student Bjarke Svane Boysen from the group of Henrik Birkedal won a prize for his poster “Heterogeneous load distributions in cortical bone revealed by diffraction tomography” at the XV DESY Research Course 2016 – Soft Matter in the Light of Modern X-ray Sources, Hamburg, Germany.

Ebbe Sloth Andersen, asst. prof. at iNANO and the Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics
The image shows one of the stages in an RNA origami, RNA-polymerase triggers the folding of the nanostructure encoded in the DNA. When the nanostructures have formed, they organise themselves into a hexagonal crystal. Illustration: Cody Geary.

2016.03.02 | Research News

Grant for RNA Origami Research

Asst. prof. Ebbe Sloth Andersen aims to take biological nanostructure research into a new phase in the field of synthetic biology – a field which may ultimately have enormous significance for the medicine, energy, food and agriculture of the future.

Assoc. Prof. Torben René Jensen

2016.03.02 | Research News

Science of Hydrogen & Energy prize 2016.

Assoc. Prof. Torben René Jensen has received a prize 10th Int. Symposium Hydrogen & Energy, 21-26 February 2016

Talents 2016 at iNANO
Presentation of the report “Sticky stuff! – A review of the gecko’s attachment system”.
Solar cell driven car.

2016.02.12 | Master Class

New talents at iNANO

Nine first year nanoscience students have completed the first part of the talent track at iNANO

2016.02.10 | Internal news

McAfee SiteAdvisor

In the future, your risk of getting a virus on your PC will be minimized

Associate professor Alexander Zelikin

2016.01.29 | Research News

amfAR Grant to Alexander Zelikin

1 mio. USD for AIDS research

2016.01.15 | Research News

Daniel Otzen receives funding for Parkinson's disease research project

Aiming to find inhibitors or blockers to treat Parkinson's disease.

Professor Kim Daasbjerg

2016.01.13 | Research News

Industrial Award to Kim Daasbjerg

  Professor Kim Daasbjerg has been awarded the Industrial Award of Danmarks Naturvidenskabelige Akademi for his outstanding and impressive contribution to combine basic research with applied research and innovation. With his ground breaking research within polymers he has not only contributed to the basic research understanding but also…

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