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Mikkel Kongsfelt, Founder and CEO at RadiSurf, talking at iNANO Alumni Day 2017 (Photo: Martin Gravgaard)

2017.12.03 | iNano

iNANO celebrating 10 years of Nanoscience alumni

Former and current Nanoscience students were gathered at iNANO Alumni Day 2017 where iNANO, together with former Nanoscience alumni, displayed the wide-ranging versatility of nanoscience graduates

2017.12.01 | Administrative conditions

Work Permit for Sideline Activities

Important information for non-EU/EEA employees/guests holding a residence and work permit to Aarhus University and who is considering to act as external examiner, give lectures or to take other sideline activities anywhere in Denmark.

2017.12.01 | iNano

CADIAC develops new way of catalysing reactions with carbon monoxide (CO)

The Skrydstrup group publishes in Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. describing a new catalytic reaction with carbon monoxide

Grant funding

Grant applications

Our scientific coordinators can help you writing the scientific part of application, giving feedback, preparing and confirming budgets and gathering signatures and assisting with other formalities and general advice.

Please remember to always send a copy of the submitted application for follow up and registration in the obliged Research applications (ReAP) database.

You can find the scientific coordinators contact information and area of expertise below, as well as a list of the upcoming deadlines.

Annual wheel of foundations and deadlines



  • The Research Support Office (Forskningsstøtteenheden) helps scientists in the preparation of applications for external funding. The sooner they are contacted the better help they can provide in the application proces. When applying for EU-funding you always have to contact The Research Support Office. Our ST/iNANO contacts can be found here
  • All applications should be registered in our database: ReAP


When awarded a project

When awarded a project the following should be send to the administrator:

  • Application
  • Budget
  • Cooperation agreement ('Bevillingsskrivelse' / 'Samarbejdsaftale') signed by you and the director of iNANO


Scientific Coordinators

Nanomaterials/business interactions

Marie Louise Conradsen

Scientific Coordinator

Nanomedicine & Nanofood

Yvonne Eskildsen-Helmond

Scientific CoordinatorInterdisciplinary Nanoscience Center - Sekretariat, iNANO-huset
H bldg. 1590, 220
P +4523382364
P +4523382364


Thu 14 Dec
09:00-16:00 | iNANO auditorium, Gustav Wieds Vej 14, 8000 Aarhus C
iMAT Student Seminar Day
Thu 14 Dec
15:15-16:00 | Aud I, 1514-213, Department of Chemistry, Langelandsgade 140, 8000 Aarhus C
iMAT Lecture: Hydrogen storage in single metal nanocrystals
Dr. Andrea Baldi, Group Leader, Nanomaterials for Energy Applications DIFFER, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Fri 15 Dec
00:00-00:00 | iNANO, Denmark
Qualifying Exam: Mucopenetrating Micelles with Peg Corona
PhD Student: Essi Marika Taipaleenmäki, iNANO
Fri 15 Dec
10:15-11:00 | iNANO AUD (1593-012), Gustav Wieds Vej 14, 8000 Aarhus C
Distinguished iNANO Lecture: Ocular Drug Delivery: Challenges and Technologies
Professor Arto Urrti, Centre for Drug Research, Faculty of Pharmacy, Helsinki, Finland
Fri 15 Dec
11:15-12:00 | Aud I, 1514-213, Institut for Kemi, Langelandsgade 140, 8000 Aarhus C
iMAT Lecture: EIT RawMaterials – Driving Innovation in the European Raw Materials Sector
Key objectives and innovative development of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) on Raw Materials by Dr. Karen Hanghøj (CEO, Managing Director, EIT RawMaterials GmbH).

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