Lab consumables


  • Expenses covered by the groups

  • Nitrogen 4.6
    • Gaseous in labs
    • Liquid:
    • Each group can ask for a PIN code from Lutz Lammich (
    • All users must get an introduction from Lutz
  • Argon 4.6
  • Anhydrous CO2 4.0
  • Propane
  • In case of problems: Contact Maintenance (
  • Important: If you foresee or detected higher-than-normal use, super-users  should advice Maintenance
  • Only through responsible use can we guarantee stable supplies
  • Billing every 3 months

Ice and dry ice

  • Ice (1592-111): Claus Bus (
  • Dry ice (1592-111): Rita Rosendahl (

Ethanol and drug precursors

  • The house has a permit to buy undenatured ethanol without taxes (about 150 kr/liter!)
    • Buy your own ethanol (96%, 99.5%)
    • Send a copy of the invoice to Jeppe Kristensen (
    • In IndFak: Before approving the invoice, print a pdf of the invoice
  • The tax authorities can make control visits
  • If we do not have the papers in order, we will be charged the 150 kr/liter in taxes
  • The house has a permit to buy drug precursors (i.e. acetone and many others). If you need to buy drug precursors, please contact Lisbeth Andersen ( as she has the licence number you need for the purchase.