Glassware washing machine and autoclaves

Glassware Washing machine

  • Outlook booking calendar (1592-111 Laboratorieopvask)
  • When you book, please observe the length of your washing program
  • Most washing tasks can be performed with the standard 1 hour program
  • Washing-up liquid and neutralizing liquid is on the house
  • General rules for glassware apply: no labels, no autoclave tape, caps removed from blue-cap bottles
  • The washing room has been equipped with sinks for rinsing away most dirt from your glassware before final cleaning 
  • Glassware contaminated with organic/foul-smelling waste must be cleaned in the fume hood equipped with 3 sinks.
  • Contact person: Janni Nielsen ( 

Media and waste autoclaves

  • Responsible person: Claus Bus (
  • Autoclave for sterilisation of media, buffers, glassware etc. is situated in room 1592-024.
    One run will take 2 hours.
  • For instructions – ask Claus Bus
  • Booking of the autoclave should not be needed.
  • Waste-autoclave is situated in room 1592-018.One run will take 3 hours.
  • There will be only 3-4 users of the waste autoclave (Claus Bus and a user from each of the other biological waste-producing groups)
  • For instructions – ask Claus Bus