Shipment of letters, parcels or pallets

If you need to send letters, parcels or pallets within Denmark or abroad: 

Registered letters:
Internal Mail

For Regular-sized boxes, large boxes, pallets and letters:
Blue Water (please contact the student helpers for a manual)

(Note: As a green initiative Bluewater couriers use bicycles.)

Please remember to state a project number and project activity number as reference number. That way we’ll know which grant to bill for the shipment.

When you order pickup before 14:00 it will usually get picked up before 16:00.

Place the parcel in the blue box near the window in the Student Helpers Office.

Should you have questions about how to book shipments, you are welcome to contact the student helpers in room 1590-218. 

"NB! Before you prepare a shipment, make sure that it does not contain Dangerous Goods.

Dangerous goods are substances, materials and articles that are covered by the ADR/RID/IMDG/IATA restrictions and is cargo that is considered to be hazardous because of e.g. its flammable, corrosive, or poisonous properties.

If you are in any doubt or believe that the shipment contains Dangerous Goods, please contact Morten Foss ( well in advance. Notice that e.g. Dry Ice (UN1845), Biological substance Cat. B (UN3373) and Lithium ion Batteries (UN3480) are also considered Dangerous Goods."