AU Labbook

AU Labbook is a web-based system for research documentation and collaboration (found at Labbook was established by iNANO researchers and is based on Confluence ( The system is now supported and run by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Technological Sciences and is offered (and recommended) as a platform for documenting your research. 

The decision to use the system for research documentation lies with the VIP of a research group. By choosing a common platform for research documentation it becomes easier for the individual researcher to follow the rules for responsible conduct of research ( We recommend that you discuss how you document your research in your research group and consider adopting Labbook for the following reasons:

Documenting research progress and data is important, and supports this in a flexible manner that

  • facilitates easy collaboration and mentoring of research projects,
  • facilitates easy sharing of information about e.g. equipment, protocols and ressources,
  • supports research integrity by logging of editing events and daily backups on AU servers,
  • keeps data confidential within your research group to be compatible with patenting law.

The system is available at where you can login using your AU-ID and password. You can find your AU-ID at When you first login you will be presented with the terms & conditions of use, be able to access tutorial material and to make your own personal space. To have more information available you should contact the user administrator at your workplace who can give you access to your department space and create a space for your research group.

AU labbook Tutorials

To find more tutorials about labbook log into