Psychological Work Place Assessment

Psychological Work Place Assessment 2012 – results for iNANO

Employees at iNANO are highly dedicated, but there are challenges to address in regard of well being. Director Niels Chr. Nielsen reports on the continued work with the WPA.

Dear employee at iNANO

We have now received the work place assessment report for Aarhus University and thereby also for iNANO. Please click the images to the right to read the reports.

The report of iNANO shows that the employees here are very dedicated to their work, but also points to a number of challenges in relation to well being. I am pleased that so many of you have taken the time to reply to the WPA questionnaire – the high response percentage implies that we have a highly valid and useful report.

That the employees enjoy being at iNANO is of central importance. The ambition is to have the most satisfied group of people employed, not only because you deserve it but also from the point of view that satisfied persons deliver best on all parameters. 

The APV is an important tool for us to reach this ambition, since it draws attention to a number of areas where reduced well-being is an issue. The report points to stress, loneliness, lack of recognition of work, uncertain future job perspectives, unclear tasks, all issues that puts our work environment under pressure.

All this we take extremely serious and can assure that there will be worked hard and with focus to improve the situation.

To unravel in more detail what the various problems cover and to appropriately address these, we have established a contact group with members from our Cooperation and Work Environment Committees (LSU and LAMU) that will coordinate and monitor the continued process with the WPA results. As employee you will have the opportunity to get involved in this work and contribute your visions on what to do.

Based on the results from the work in the contact group and established subgroups, we will during the Spring present a suggested action plan to all employees at iNANO. This means that you also at this point will have the chance to influence on the upcoming work on well-being. The resulting action plan will be central in our work with the WPA, including plans for action and subsequent follow up.

The goal is to radically change the parameters that we in iNANO have direct influence on to establish as perfect a working place as possible for the people employed at iNANO.

I am looking forward to collaborating with you on establishing the best possible work place for us all.

With best regards,

Niels Chr. Nielsen
Director iNANO