How to register your research


AU Pure support is manned as usual. Write if you need assistance with Pure.

Problems in Pure?
If you are experiencing recurring problems in Pure, check our page Known Issues to see if we are aware of the problem. Alternatively you can check Serviceinfo for acute events.


2020.05.05 | IT-systemer, News

Pure upgrade on Monday May 25th, 2020

Between 8:00 and 10:30am it will not be possible to log on to Pure.


Tue 09 Jun
12:31-12:31 | Aarhus
AU Pure Network Meeting
We are looking into what options we have available for having our network meetings again.

Pure User guides and Support

Access to Pure

Important prerequisites to get access to Pure and how you solve problems with logging in to Pure.

Pure support

If you have questions, you can direct them to your local Pure contact person, or write the AU Pure Support at


We have made guides on how to register and validate publications in Pure. Certain complex problems are described in the special circumstance section.


Here you can learn how to register activities, ie presentations, participation in a conference, consultancy and more.

Personal webpage

Here you can find help to edit your personal profile and webpage via Pure, such as how to add a profile text and upload a new profile picture .


Here you can read how to create and edit projects, add information about funding, and relate publications and activities to the project.


Do you need to create your CV in Pure with all the information that is available through the system? You can find a guide to how this can be done here.