Fire extinguishing

Call the fire service by pressing 0 - 112 and give one of the following addresses to the alarm center:

  • Fire in the INANO house
  • Gustav Wieds Vej 14, building 1590, 1591, 1592, 1593

Be prepared to provide information about the injured, what is burning and what phone number that is calling. 

Quenching a fire is the task of the fire brigade, but it is important to act properly until the fire department reaches out to save any threatened people and limit the amount of fire.

  • Get everyone out of the burning room / building. Use the stairs - not the elevator. 
  • Close windows and doors. This prevents access of oxygen to the fire and limits the extent of the damage. 
  • Warn people near the burning room. This applies not only to the rooms on the same floor but also on the floor above. 
  • Follow the instructions on the wall-mounted holders for evacuation equipment

NOTE! It may be fatal to enter smoking and burning buildings. It should be left to the fire service's specially trained crew.

Make sure that the fire service is met outside the building and is immediately informed about the

  • Location of the fire
  • Extent of the fire
  • If there are people left in the fire-threatened area
  • If there are special conditions that apply - pressure bottles, chemicals etc.

Remember to notify the switchboard/security personnel that the fire service is alerted.

Emergency shower is located above the door in most laboratories.

Fire blankets are available in all laboratories or just outside the laboratory.

CO2-extinguishers and hand sprayers/fire hoses are placed on all floors.

Familiarize yourself with the location and use of these before it's too late!