Safety guidance in the research groups

Each group leader must make a safety instruction/procedure, designed exactly to fit to their laboratory


  • In order to do so you can find guidance on the webpages in the sidemenu on the left.

Group leaders are responsible for instructing students and group members and for enforcing good laboratory practice.

The instruction must contain these topics:

  1. General safety instructions (read more about General safety instructions at iNANO)
    1. Protection glasses
    2. Lab coat ( be aware of GMO rules)
    3. Gloves
    4. Chemical handling/waste
  2. Kiros (link to Kiros)
    1. Chemical safety data sheets
  3. Gas bottles (read more about handling gas bottles at iNANO)
    1. Safety chain
    2. Labeling
  4. Alarms
    1. Fire alarm (read more about alarms at iNANO)
    2. Evacuation (read more about fire and evacuations procedures at iNANO)
    3. Meeting point (read more about meeting point in case of emergency at iNANO)
  5. Emergency (read more about fire and evacuations procedures at iNANO)
    1. Acute life 112
    2. Emergency room, Skejby phone: 70113131
    3. Defibrillator
  6. The name of your security representative (Committee for Work Environment at iNANO)

Find a check list here to use for introducing new group members to safety and good laboratory practice.