Instructions for unauthorized personnel

When you enter a laboratory, you should behave as though everything is hazardous. Therefore:

·         do not move anything

·         do not touch anything

·         do not attempt to smell the contents of bottles

If you accidentally knock something over, leave it as it is but inform one of the laboratory personnel.

The incident may appear to be harmless, but it can be dangerous, or the results of several days’ work. A knowledgeable person may be able to salvage the pieces, whereas everything will be lost if you attempt to put things right.

If you break a glass bottle and the contents run out, you must leave the laboratory at once. Do not attempt to wipe it up because the substance may be corrosive or poisonous. If you spill some on yourself, leave the room, and quickly wash with lots of water. Inform someone who can evaluate the situation.

If you come across something which makes you feel uncertain, e.g. a strange smell, sound, or smoke, go out of the room immediately and inform someone who can decide whether it is hazardous or not. Remember that the Occupational Health and Safety representative/supervisors are here to be helpful.

It is better to ask too often than too seldom!!

Do not work alone. If you must work in a room where nobody can see you, inform someone about what you are doing and tell them when you are finished.

In case of an accident, remember

·         do not touch anything, but leave the room

·         wash with lots of water if you spill something on yourself

·         fetch laboratory personnel

When you enter a laboratory, which has a sign “Genteknologisk laboratorieområde - Klasse 1” you must wear a buttoned up yellow lab coat or a white one with the special yellow gene technology symbol on the chest pocket. Cleaning utensils that you use in these laboratories must not be used in other areas.

Persons you can contact:

Safety committee at iNANO