Instructions for using large apparatur and centrifuges

Names of contact persons are to be found by each apparatus. Ask them for advice about the use of apparatus.

Students, trainee technicians, and all other users who do not have a thorough knowledge about the use of the apparatus, must - before attempting to use it - have clear instructions. It is the responsibility of each supervisor or project leader to ensure that each student or new person is well-instructed in the use of the apparatus. Instructions regarding use can be found in the "Instruction Manual" beside the machine. If in doubt, ask one of the contact persons.

In the event of breakdown

Please notify the responsible contact person for the apparatus. 


It is not a matter of doing a spring clean, but the obvious and necessary cleaning that must follow every time it has been used. Each and every user must make sure that the apparatus is cleaned!

In the event of spillage of genetically modified material, the spill must be wiped up and the area disinfected with 70% alcohol.

Rotors must NOT be washed with ordinary soap with a basic pH. A bottle of this should be found by each centrifuge.

Remember that centrifuges must be closed in such a way that the lid cannot be lifted while a rotor is in action. Rotors must never be stopped by hand.