Shipping guidelines

Before you prepare a shipment

Make sure that it does not contain Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are substances, materials and articles that are covered by the ADR/RID/IMDG/IATA restrictions, which are international standards. As cargo such goods are considered to be hazardous because of e.g. its flammable, oxidizing, corrosive, or poisonous properties. When shipping Dangerous Goods there are very strict rules concerning limitations, packaging, marking, labeling etc.

If you are in any doubt or believe that the shipment contains Dangerous Goods, please contact Jonas Rask Christensen (, Phone: 4021 3293) well in advance. “Well in advance” means at least 3 working days, preferably a week, before shipment.

Notice that e.g. Dry Ice (UN1845), Biological substance Cat. B (UN3373) and Lithium ion Batteries (UN3480) are also considered Dangerous Goods.

You may consider whether you can use ice packs as alternative to dry ice. Ice packs are not considered dangerous goods.

In case you only ship dry ice (UN1845) and Biological substance, Cat. B (UN3373) a list of iNANO persons are trained to approve shipments (please see below).

For approvement of shipments with dry ice (UN1845) and Biological substance (Cat. B (UN3373)), please contact:

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Bus, Claus Laboratory Technician +4524212448 1592, 326
Drace, Taner Member of Administrative Staff
Jensen, Pia Bomholt Laboratory Technician +4587156708 1590, 150
Klausen, Lasse Hyldgaard Academic employee +4587150364 1590
Nielsen, Janni Laboratory Technician
Rosendahl, Rita Laboratory Coordinator +4530411173 1592, 326

In case of shipments where other dangerous goods are involved, please contact:

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Christensen, Jonas Rask Procurement and Chemicals Coordinator +4593522045 1513, 418

If you have any questions concerning the shipment procedure, please contact:

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Foss, Morten Senior Researcher +4587156713 1592, 116