Alarm and emergency force

The calling system is prepared for the house staff and cleaning staff in connection with accidents, incidents or other irregularities.

  • Telephone numbers of the operating inspector/repairmen are found at all elevator doors. It should always be possible to get in touch with one of these.
  • All laboratory doors have a list of names and telephone numbers of the project responsible who can be contacted regarding matters relating to the individual laboratory. If these cannot be taken, contact the building inspector.

In the event of a FIRE or ACCIDENT (and after activating the fire alarm), call both numbers!

  • Alarm center (fire, ambulance, police): 112
  • AU's common alarm system: 8715 1617 (24-hour staff)
  • Casualty ward (Skejby Hospital) - remember CPR number: 7011 3131
    • (emergency doctor or treatment nurse on this number must ALWAYS be contacted before contacting the emergency room)

Guard staff: In case of irregularities in buildings or inventory that need urgent attention:

  • Within normal working time
    • Facility management - iNANO, Thomas Pedersen: 9352 2434
    • Building inspector, Ove Fjordside: 2899 2013
  • Outside normal working hours and only in emergency situations
    • Dansikring (access control)
    • Building inspector, Ove Fjordside: 2899 2013
    • Skadeservice Danmark (damage service): 2338 6146
    • Construction damage service, Safety Partner: 70 112 112