Danish Chemical Society PhD prize 2017 goes to iNANO researcher

Congratulations to Thomas Leegaard Andersen who receives Danish Chemical Society PhD prize given the best PhD thesis of the year within organic chemistry.

Thomas did his PhD studies in professor Troels Skrydstrup's group where he has examined the use of Carbon Monoxide as a building block in organic synthesis. The studies have focused on the use of palladium as a catalyst to promote chemical reactivity with the aim of developing new methods for the synthesis of pharmaceutically relevant molecules.

In parallel Thomas has investigated the application of a radioactive carbon isotope in the preparation of tracer molecules for use in medical PET-scanning (Positron Emission Tomography). This method provides an alternative to the common radiolabeling with fluorine, and further efforts to improve this technique are ongoing in close collaboration with Aarhus Universitetshospital and industrial collaborators.

Title of PhD thesis: 'Palladium and Carbon Monoxide in a Modern Setting: Application for Synthesis and Radiolabeling'

Thomas is presently employed in a postdoctoral fellowship in professor Troels Skrydstrup's group (http://www.skrydstrup-group.com/)

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