Replacement of AU Credit Card

On 30 June 2016 a large number of AU credit cards will expire.

On account of the considerably large number the procedure of credit card replacement will be a little different than usual.

All cardholders with a credit card that expires June 30th 2016, are going to receive a new credit card direct from SEB by mail to their private address between May 20th – June 20th2016. Furthermore you will on Monday May 23rd receive a mail from AU finances with information about replacement of the credit card. 

The new credit card will have same card number and pin code as the old one, but the expiration date and the three-figure security code on the backside have changed. It will not be necessary to activate the card.

AU finances will ensure to update each of your individual travel profile at Carlson Wagonlit with the new credit card information. 

The cardholder is responsible for changing the credit card information him/herself, if ongoing payments are attached to the card (e.g. brobizz or subscriptions), and also destroying the old credit card. 

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